As baseball tips, videos, and instructions became more and more popular on social media Kai noticed that the bulk of the baseball posts on Twitter and Instagram revolved around hitting and pitching. In November 2015 Kai proposed that infield coaches should have a day and hashtag of their own to post instructional information, photos, videos, and debate techniques. 

Five days later on Friday November 20, 2015 less than a dozen collegiate infield coaches hopped on Twitter to share ideas and #FridayFielders was officially born. The hashtag was far from an instant sensation, for the first couple weeks only a small group of the same college infield coaches participated. Most coaches only posted pictures with brief text captions and each post on average was getting a handful of retweets and couple more likes. As weeks and months went on, the photoshopped picture posts evolved into edited videos, the small group of regular contributors bloomed to more than three dozen, and a couple clicks here and there were replaced by hundreds of retweets and favorites.

Today, more than 2 years after it all began on Twitter, thousands of youth, high school, club, college, and professional infield coaches hop on Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube every Friday to learn, discuss, debate, and consume every aspect of infield play. In addition to Kai, regular #FridayFielders contributors include Yale's Tucker Frawley, Lander's JT Maguire, Seattle U's Billy Boyer, Boston Red Sox's Darren Fenster, Lewis & Clark's Matt Kosderka, Washington State's Marty Lees, South Mountain's Tyler Gillum, and many more.

To check out all the most recent #FridayFielders posts search #FridayFielders on Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube or check out the links on our Media Page.

Kai formed #FridayFielders Infield Camps to take all the incredible infield information that has been shared through the hashtag and put it into action.