Date: Saturday, October 13th 10:00 am - 1:00 pm

Location: MSU-Denver Regency Athletic Complex

Grades: 3 - 8 | Cost: $99

Also Offering Team Deals for 3+ Players From Same Team ($25 Off Per Player)

Email: for more info



Why attend Friday Fielders Camps?

The modern youth player dedicates a significant amount of time and money on improving their swing and/or their pitching mechanics through private lessons, drills, camps, and technology. However, when it comes to working on defense, most young infielders rely on the reps they receive during team practice and the occasional extra bucket of ground balls to hopefully improve their defensive skills. Friday Fielders Infield Camps were created to provide an alternative to the standard practice of high quantity/low variable ground balls. Our camps are built to introduce infielders of all levels to a huge variety of creative infield drills that promote the repeatable yet athletic movements common amongst collegiate and professional infielders. In addition to exposing campers to our large toolkit of dynamics drills, our camps demonstrate simple ways to take age-old activities like mass ground balls and playing catch with a partner and spice them up in ways that make them more game-like and expedite skill development. By the end of the camp, campers (and their parents) should leave with enough information to create their own infield practice routine that can easily be repeated and continue to help them develop long after the camp day is over.


What are Friday Fielders Camps?

Friday Fielders camps are 3 hour-long events that cover all the different types of plays infielders are tasked with throughout the course of a game.

Areas of Emphasis Include:

  • Establishing Basic Fielding Posture
  • Making Glove Skills More Versatile
  • Learning a Reliable Pre-Pitch Routine
  • Developing Pre-Field & Post Field Footwork Patterns 
  • Establishing Adjustable Rhythm & Timing
  • The Importance of the Daily Catch Play Routine
  • Introducing Specialty Partner & Group Catch Play Drills
  • Exposure to Unique & Unpredictable Reaction Drills
  • Additional Infield Skills (Relaying, Stretching, Infield Pop Flys, Tags, Pivots)


Who are the instructors at Friday Fielders Camps?

Due to the fast paced circuit style format of our camps, every one of Friday Fielders events features at least a 10-1 camper to instructor ratio. Our camps are led by Cleveland Indians Minor League Infield Instructor Kai Correa. The rest of the camp staff is comprised of the rest of the Friday Fielder team plus a group of experienced local college, high school, and club coaches from the area that are specifically passionate about infield play. For more info on instructors, check out what the pro's say about Kai & our staff.

Any college, high school, club, or youth coach interested in attending or helping at the camp (free of charge) please fill out the Contact Us Form.

CO Guest Instructors Include:

College Coaches:

  • Jimmy Roesinger - Infield Coach, Air Force Academy, Colorado
  • Jake Ek - Infield Coach, University of Northern Colorado, Colorado
  • Sam Jones - Assistant Coach, MSU-Denver, Colorado

CO Private Instructors:

  • Ryan Serena - Director, Rogue Baseball Club, Colorado
  • Jordan Serena - Coach, Rogue Baseball, Colorado
  • Colt Sedbrook - Coach, Gameday Baseball, Colorado
  • Dave Mumper - Former HS Coach & White Sox Associate Scout, Colorado
  • Tim Galindo - Former HS Coach, Colorado

CO High School Coaches:

  • Casey Miller - Head Baseball Coach, University HS, Colorado
  • Jeremy Whitman - Assistant Baseball Coach, Horizon HS, Colorado
  • Jamie Thomson - Assistant Baseball Coach, Arvada West HS, Colorado
  • Ian Wells - Assistant Baseball Coach, Rocky Mountain HS, Colorado
  • Randall Click - Head Baseball Coach, Mead HS, Colorado

National High School Coaches:

  • Tim Elliot - Springfield HS, Illinois
  • Jeremy Morrison - Hempfield HS, Pennsylvania
  • Pat Schultz - Belle Plain HS, Minnesota
  • Mark Wrighte - Freedom HS, South Riding, Virginia